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About Our Veterinary Clinic in Bryant, AR

Keeping your pet healthy and happy throughout its life requires expert pet care you can trust. Fortunately, Marketplace Veterinary Clinic in Bryant, AR, has you covered. Our experienced veterinarian and staff offer state-of-the-art services and compassionate care to ensure your pet lives a happier, healthier life.

Our vet, Dr. Chelsea J. Brown, has years of experience working with both dogs and cats. With dozens of 'petsimonials' and five-star reviews, we are honored to be one of the most trusted animal clinics in the Bryant, AR, area and beyond.

Expert Veterinary Care and Services

Your four-legged friend’s safety and comfort is our top priority at Marketplace Veterinary Clinic. We strive to offer genuinely meaningful support to every person and pet who walks through our doors. This support may involve the following veterinary services:

•             Preventative Care: Stop significant health problems before they begin.

•             Geriatric Care: Maintain your senior pet’s health and happiness as it ages.

•             Chronic Disease Management: Ensure long-lasting comfort for pets with chronic conditions.

•             Dentistry: Clean and treat your pet’s teeth and gums to prevent oral health issues.

•             Internal Medicine: Monitor your pet’s organ function, including the stomach and kidneys.

•             Dermatology: Manage skin conditions like alopecia, mange, ringworm, and other dermatology problems.

•             Soft Tissue Surgery: Our experienced team can handle several soft tissue injuries or conditions with safe and effective surgical procedures.

Contact our office to inquire about other services if you require one that is not on the above list. We look forward to providing information about life-changing treatments for your pet.

Where We Offer Vet Care

Although we are in Bryant, AR, we serve loyal customers all over the area. We are proud to offer pet care in multiple neighborhoods, including:

•             Alexander, AR

•             Bauxite, AR

•             Benton, AR

•             West Little Rock, AR

Contact us if you do not see your area on the list. We would be happy to speak with you over the phone and explain whether or not we offer pet care near your location.

Contact Marketplace Veterinary Clinic for Expert Pet Care Today

Protecting your pet’s health and happiness begins with expert pet care you can trust. If you are searching for preventative care, the vet at Marketplace Veterinary Clinic in Bryant, AR, can help. Call us and schedule an introductory appointment today at (501) 943-8055 if you reside in Alexander, Bauxite, Benton, Bryant, or Little Rock, AR.

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