Rabies and other diseases can be fatal illnesses for pets but, thankfully, vaccines can help keep them safe. At Marketplace Veterinary Clinic, serving the Bryant, AR, Benton, AR, Alexander, AR, Bauxite, AR and West Little Rock, AR, area, we offer vaccinations for dogs and cats. Read on for more information.


What diseases should I vaccinate my dog against?

Canine core and non-core vaccines keep pets safe from serious diseases but which ones do your pups need? Core vaccines are strongly recommended — or even required by law in many areas. Some diseases they may protect against include:

•             Rabies

•             Distemper

•             Parvovirus

Non-core shots might be recommended based on your pets’ lifestyle, such as whether they go to doggy daycare or not. Some diseases they may protect against include:

•             Bordetella

•             Lyme disease

What diseases should I vaccinate my cat against?

Feline core and non-core vaccines help cats stay safe from diseases that can be fatal. Some diseases we may recommend protecting against include:

•             Distemper or panleukopenia

•             Caliciviruses

•             Feline leukemia virus in kittens

•             Rabies

•             Feline viral rhinotracheitis

 Other diseases we may recommend giving non-core vaccines to your cat for include:

•             Bordetella

•             Chlamydia felis

When do my pets need vaccines?

That can depend on their ages and other factors, like the type of vaccines they get. The staff at our veterinary clinic can let you know how old kittens and puppies need to be before getting their first shots. You may need to have your pets’ shots updated every year but some vaccinations last for a few years.

Are vaccinations safe for my pets?

They’re considered mostly safe for many dogs and cats. Reactions and serious side effects are rare. Additionally, your pet might have a few temporary and mild ones after their shots, such as:

•             Soreness at the injection site

•             Redness and swelling at the injection site

•             Lower energy levels

•             Less appetite than usual

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