Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

One service we provide  is dental cleaning. Dental issues can not only cause pain and trouble eating, but long-term periodontal disease can cause infection and even organ damage. That's why we recommend regular dental cleanings as part of your pets preventative care routine.

How Is Dental Cleaning Done on Pets?

Typically, your pet's cleaning will come at the end of a thorough exam. Anesthesia will be used to ensure that the pet is comfortable and everyone is safe. This also allows the vet to reach areas they would not if your pet was awake. Prior to the procedure, an exam will be done to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. Once under, the vet may examine your pet's teeth for decay, abnormalities, and gum health.

Once the exam is done, a vet on our team will begin the cleaning. Scalers may be used to scrape away plaque and tartar from the teeth both above and below the gumline. The teeth may then be polished to remove any scratches or pockets where food can collect.

Your pet will spend some time in a recovery room to be monitored while he comes out of the anesthesia. You will be updated and told when your pet is ready to go home.

Are There Any Side Effects to Having My Pets' Teeth Cleaned?

It’s not uncommon for pets to have some minor side effects after a dental cleaning. They may be groggy and lethargic for a day or so until the anesthesia leaves their system. There may also be some minor bleeding, swelling, and redness of the gums.

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